Meet the Smart Urban Business team!

Smart Urban Business research group focuses on combining the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ diverse themes: resource efficiency and intelligent areas and activities. The main objective is multidisciplinarity and internationality.

The aim is to integrate environmental technology, maritime and logistics as well as service business into urban research. The priorities for action are the Baltic Sea Environment and Namibia.

Team members, projects and contact information

Minna Keinänen-Toivola

Research Manager, Head of Team; Smart Urban Business

Projects: PortMate, SME Aisle, SataMari, NOAH, COST DAMOCLES, COST WECANet

Contact: minna.keinanen-toivola(at)

Merja Ahonen

Projects: COST AMiCI 


Contact: merja.ahonen(at)

Olena de Andres Gonzalez

Projects: Efficient Flow



Riitta Dersten

Projects: PortMate


Contact: riitta.dersten(at)

Harri Heikkinen

Projects: Efficient Flow


Contact: harri.heikkinen(at)

Teemu Heikkinen

Projects: PortMate, SataMari

Contact: teemu.heikkinen(at)

Teija Järvenpää

Projects: SataMari, SME Aisle

Contact: teija.jarvenpaa(at)

Ollipekka Kivin

Projects: Efficient Flow


Contact: ollipekka.p.kivin(at)

Heikki Koivisto

Projects: PortMate, EfficientFlow, SME Aisle, COST WECANet


Contact: heikki.koivisto(at)

Jere Kuusinen

Projects: PortMate


Contact: jere.kuusinen(at)

Janne Lahtinen

Projects: Efficient Flow


Contact: janne.2.lahtinen(at)

Alberto Lanzanova

Projects: PortMate, LEF China Network

Contact: alberto.lanzanova(at)

Petri Lähde

Projects: SataMari


Contact: petri.lahde(at)

Marko Mikkola

Projects: PortMate


Contact: marko.mikkola(at)

Jari Mustonen

Projects: Efficient Flow

Contact: jari.m.mustonen(at)

Anssi Pajala

Projects: Efficient Flow


Contact: anssi.pajala(at)

Hanna Rissanen

Projects: NOAH, PortMate, COST AMiCI


Contact: hanna.rissanen(at)

Ninna Roos

Projects: PortMate


Contact: ninna.roos(at)

Nina Savela

Projects: SME Aisle

Contact: nina.savela(at)