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01.09.2019 - 30.08.2022

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226 605.00 €


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Green Ship | Towards Zero Ship Emission

The EU 2050 objectives set some intermediate targets for Eco-Efficient Vessel Emission Reduction for key pollutants: CO2: >80% (-30% by 2020), NOx: 100% (-80% by 2020), SOx: 100% (-80% by 2020) and Noise Reduction: -3dB. A review of current research (Ziarati et al, 2018) clearly shows that these targets are way off the targets set so far and are unlikely to be achieved by 2020.

The industry needs help. This proposal is to review current practices in emissions reduction by shipping companies and formulate primarily a generic course as to how ships can reduce their harmful emissions and become also more efficient – if ships use less fuel then they also produce less pollution.

This proposal includes guidelines on how to set targets and objectives, how to monitor ship emissions and the use of energy, and how to assess the effectiveness of proposed arrangements on pilot basis with a view to develop a standardised programme of training for the ship managers and their crews on means of reducing emissions and as well as fuel consumption.

Project partners

Smart Urban Business

Green Ship project is part of the international multiscientific
Smart Urban Business research work at Satakunta University of Applied
Sciences, Finland.


Heikki Koivisto, Project Manager

+358 44 710 3674 | heikki.koivisto(at)