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01.11.2019 - 31.8.2022

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298 054.00 €


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Promoting Mental Health at Sea – PROMETHEAS

Seafarers’ work in vessels at sea is one of the hardest and most demanding professions, performed under very difficult
conditions. Seafarers often work for very long hours, far from their relatives, isolated in a
multicultural, highly hierarchised micro-society. Studies have shown that bullying is a common
phenomenon in ships. It often generates mental health problems which put lives, vessels, passengers, cargo, the environment and
local coastal economies at risk.

The central aim of this project is to develop a training course and learning resources for seafarers
and maritime workers concerning the preservation and improvement of their mental health. It will
focus on the various issues that derive from mental health problems and it will provide learners with
necessary information and consultation on how to deal with these problems.

The main target group of the PROMETHEAS project are captains of merchant navy, seafarers and cadets,
whilst additional beneficiaries will be trainers on mental health and bullying, VET centres and
consultants of the sector as well as nautical academies and shipping companies.

Smart Urban Business

PROMETHEAS project is part of the international multiscientific
Smart Urban Business research work at Satakunta University of Applied
Sciences, Finland.


Heikki Koivisto, Project Manager

+358 44 710 3674 | heikki.koivisto(at)