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Energetic Small Ports in the Central Baltic Region


Project duration

01.03.2020 - 30.11.2022

Project budget

Total budget: 2.421.089,43 €
ERDF: 1.924.156,90 €

SAMK budget

Total budget: 370.860,30 €
ERDF: 278.145,22 €

Energetic small ports in the central Baltic region

In the Central Baltic area, several small ports have developed activities and investments regarding both safety and resource efficiency services. However, at the moment, a common platform for information and marketing is missing. CBSmallPorts will gather all the relevant information and all essential resources into one joint network. The aim is to collect the data on all the services for further marketing. Instead of different separate web apps, the project will formulate a common online platform “SmallPorts” combining the information for different audiences, such as boaters, other service users and small ports owner.

The main theme of the project is about climate friendly leisure time in small ports – with a focus on energy supply and its efficient use by both boaters and other small port users. Challenges such as short season, competition of people’s time and limited financial and skills resources for the port development, are faced by all small ports despite being located in different areas. That is why cross-border cooperation has been identified as the way to achieve the project goals.



The Programme will be announced later.

The Webinar will be in Swedish and it will be held on Tuesday 31.8.2021

The webinar is free of charge. More information on how to attend will be published soon.

For more information: per-olov.persson(at)

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel!

Please see the program ENERGOEFEKTIVITĀTE UN MĀRKETINGS MAZAJĀS OSTĀS (PDF) for detailed information.

Further information: iveta.skilina(at)

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel!

Please see the program ENERGIATÕHUSUS VÄIKESADAMATES (PDF) for detailed information.

Further information: jaano.martin.ots (at)

Katso webinaarin tallenne YouTube-kanavaltamme tästä!

Voit katsoa esitykset PDF-muotoisina alta (aukeaa erilliseen ikkunaan):

CBSmallPorts – mitä, missä, milloin?, Minna Keinänen-Toivola, SAMK

Energiatehokkuus pienvenesatamissa: perusteita ja esimerkkejä, Teemu Heikkinen, SAMK

CBSmallPorts-satamien tulevat investoinnit, Jussi Sutela, XAMK

Veneiden biofouling, Ville-Veikko Intovuori, Traficom

Yhdessä Itämerta tutkimaan, Pellervo Kunnaala, S/Y Fuga

Webinaari on osa CBSmallPorts-hanketta. Tässä EU-rahoitteisessa hankkeessa kehitetään keskisen Itämeren alueen pienvenesatamien energiatehokkuutta ja nostetaan Latvian, Viron, Suomen ja Ruotsin pienvenesatamia veneilijän kartalle.


Lisätietoja: teemu.heikkinen(at)

Small ports of the project

Project partners

Smart Urban Business

CBSmallPorts project is part of the international multiscientific
Smart Urban Business research work at Satakunta University of Applied
Sciences, Finland.


Minna Keinänen-Toivola, Project Manager

+358 44 710 3063 | minna.keinanen-toivola(at)